"One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another, is

listen to each others stories. - Rebecca falls


















What is group counseling?

Group counseling involves a small group of people (usually 5-10) who meet

together regularly, to talk about their struggles and problems. These

groups can take a variety of forms. Some focus on a specific topic or

problem, while others address a number of different concerns.


Why share your struggles or issues with a group of individuals you don't know? 

In group counseling, real-life patterns of behaving and interacting are

naturally reproduced, and therapists can help individuals see these

patterns, evaluate whether the patterns are helpful or hurtful in

relationships, and, if necessary, change long-held relational patterns

that are interfering with the development of healthy, satisfying

relationships with families, friends and colleagues. 


Groups are limited in size, and, after formation, are considered "closed groups";

that is, no new members are allowed to join the group after the group

begins. Before each new group is formed, group therapists ask a few

questions of individuals or couples in order to assure a good match

between all the participants in these dynamic groups 

Possible groups:


  • Emotional Baggage
  • DBT Skills
  • Getting to Know Yourself
  • Goal Seeking
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Self Esteem